A New universal, fast and powerful device that helps you close the gap in your car seat, preventing you from dropping phones, keys and items under the seat. 0574673590

Drop Space Filler makes your car more organized!

Drop Storage Filler is an essential tool for drivers looking to improve their driving experience. These devices fill the gap between the car seat, preventing distractions while driving and keeping your car organized.
DropFiller is also easy to install and affordable, making it a great investment for anyone looking to improve their driving experience.
DropFiller car seat fillers are a must-have accessory for drivers, providing a cost-effective solution to avoiding distractions, keeping your car organized, and saving time searching for your items.

What makes drop Storage Filler different

Drop Storage Filler – The premium seat gap filler and cup holder that keeps your car organized
Fill the void of death that sucks your things – forever.
Use the cup holder to safely place your drinks while driving, preventing spills and keeping your hands free for driving.

Create extra storage in your car that secures small, easy-to-lose items.
DropFiller has been systematically designed to fit most cars on the road Ghana Togo Benin And Burkina Faso – regardless of the car model.

Easy to install and use – No tools or manuals required!
The installation process should be quick and easy, with no tools required. You can fix it in just 3 seconds – flat!
Easy to Clean – Anytime and it’s easy to wipe down or remove for cleaning.

Why Drop Storage Filler is the best

Space filler
Cup holder
Easy to use
Easy to clean

Get it now for just one = driver or
Passenger side only = 150Ghc
Price for the driver side and passenger side pair = 300Ghc

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