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Hands-Free Baby-Bottle

Hands-Free Baby Bottle Could Help Reduce Re-flux



The first Baby self-feeding in the word Great for traveling and busy moms who might need a free hand or need to feed twins. Convenient for feeding while baby is in an infant carrier, baby swing, car seat, or while being pushed in a stroller. A simple hands-free starter kit…through which your child can control the amount of fluid they ingest without over-drinking.

Perfect Solution To Breastfeeding


This bottle gives your child the freedom of drinking the milk by themselves without you having to hold them for a long period of time (A supervisor needs to be present with the child at all times). The Baby Bottle is also specifically designed to feel similar to natural breastfeeding.

Say Goodbye To Upset Tummy


With its meticulous design, our baby bottle prevents air from entering into the bottle, hence helping your child intake nutrients while eliminating baby gas and keeping the baby’s tummy perfectly fine and healthy.

Take a look at how it works:


✓ Hands-Free & Convenient
This bottle gives your child the freedom of feeding himself without having to hold them for a long period of time.

✓ Anti-Colic & Anti-Reflux
The special design allows lets your child ingest the amount of fluid they want without over-drinking. This results in less stomach pain.

✓ Shape & Feel Of Natural Breastfeeding
A special design mimics the feel of natural breastfeeding making it easy for them to figure out.

Discount Price For Hands-Free Baby Bottle


1 Baby Bottle For =150Ghc


2 Baby Bottle For =300Ghc


3 Baby Bottle For =450Ghc


Note; the promo price will only last for a specific period of time before it goes back to the normal price of 250ghc


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